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Recover Deleted Files Mac

Postby User78029 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:20 am

If you have a Mac, I'd like to recommend this Mac photo recovery tool which provides a handy solution in instances where images or other media have been accidentally removed or lost on your hard drive or an external device. This program performs the necessary tasks in salvaging important images - whether accidentally deleted or removed by other means. It only takes a few minutes to recover your photos once they have been found by the program as if they have never disappeared.

To start using photo recovery Mac software, simply download the featured utility and follow the steps outlined in the video tutorial to ensure the best results as waiting too long could cause the photos to be irretrievable. In summary, to recover your photos, just complete these easy steps:

  1. Start a new scan.
  2. Choose the drive.
  3. Configure the recovery mode.
  4. Scan a media source.
  5. Pick your photos.
  6. Recover selected items.

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