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Geospike Summary and Feature Request

Postby baghira » Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:00 am

I'm not sure if this is the right place to write this request but I wasn't able to find another place for this.

In the last few days I checked nearly all off the apps which exists in the large field of travel logging. I found that this app is nearly the best because of these features:
- Share every single part of the trip private, for friends or public
- Spike positions even if the complete data-transfer is disabled
- add several pictures, also from old pictures in my folders, to one spike, so that I don't have 10 Spikes for the 10 pictures I shot at the same destination
- Share automatically to facebook in a nice trip-folder in my pictures including the map overview and all my comments

But there are some reasons I still tried to find a better alternative:
- I don't like flags, and in fact I can change the flags but it is not possible to have simple needles
- I can't categorize the spikes so that every body who see my map will see from the spikes colours or symbols, that for example one of the spikes is my hotel, the other is a restaurant and the third is a park or anything else.
- When I add a spike there is no possibility to select from a "place", even if i have the internet enabled. That is a bit uncomfortable since it is nice to link to a place by website and all this stuff possible in facebook.
- the lines on the points are not routed on streets or something realistic
- Select the type of transportation between the spikes, perhaps even calculate the estimated time for this type of travel.
- There is no nice possibility to export or print my trip.

But these are all together points most of the other apps don't have as well, so I have to deal with them.

But there is one last thing I really can't understand:

Why is your website-presentation so damn ugly? Please talk to someone who knows how to make a good design for it.
Good examples for such a page in general are:
- Even the trip-pages of the App "Reisender", is better. And this is the App with almost the fewest functionality I found.

I think the main problems of your page are:
- The describing text is much too small compared with the rest information for one spike
- In the overview is only one photo showed. But there is place for more. Maybe 3 is a nice number.

But all in all I like your app still most of all others. I hope you go on and make it the best app ever.

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