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Look of the App

Postby User54480 » Wed May 28, 2014 8:47 pm

i really like the ability of this app. i travel a lot and want to mark the places where i have been. the features of this app are great and right now there is no other app close to it.

but what i really don´t like is the look. so i would like to make some suggestions:

if you add a picture it should fill up the whole place (right now it is framed for no reason).
the same goes for the position field. the map is framed with a small border. i think it would look better without.
all the fields are divided by lines and a grey background. just make it all in a single (white) background, maybe divided by smaller grey lines.
you use title and subtitle and the should be in a different font (change the size or make the title bold and the subtitle not)
when i click on a spike on the map view it should display not only the title but also a small version of the added picture
i also would like the ability to change the look of the spikes. i think small circles would look better. the spikes are so huge and if you have a lot of the they make the map nearly disappear.

ok this are just my thoughts on the look of this app. what do you think? i hope that some things could be considered :)

best regards, ingemar

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