Custom Data fields across devices

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Custom Data fields across devices

Postby Ade_C » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:31 am

I have quite a number of custom data fields which I would like to sync across my 3ios devices is there any way to do this?

At the moment the custom data fields travel with each item via the sync ok but it looks to me as if I would have to manually enter each field on each device to allow data entry on each one.
So is there a way of exporting / importing all the settings of the app Accross devices so they are setup in exactly the same way?

I also cannot see any custom data field info on geospike even though it must be there as the sync between devices demonstrates. Is this by design or something I can change?

Finally I also note that unlike tags the custom data fields do not maintain a dynamic list of what has been entered before is this something that might change in the future?


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Re: Custom Data fields across devices

Postby divzero » Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:38 am

Hi Ade_C,

Yes, the custom data fields do sync 100% across devices, and you can modify the contents on the other device with no problems.

Unfortunately there is no automated way to sync the "add" list currently. The workaround is to copy the setup manually.

If it is a selection list you are after, then I would recommend looking at the 'Set' datatype, which allows you to specify a comma separated list of the possible values for the record. Unlike tags it doesn't let the user add items that are not in the set while they are making the spike, but you can of course amend the datatype and add additional possible values in settings. does not currently display the custom data fields. However, the data is there on the server and we may change the layout of the page in the future to display this data.

Not many people use this feature, are you happy to share how you are using it? Your feedback can help shape some of the decisions around how we implement and enhance this feature going forward.

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