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IMPORTANT: Regarding the old GPS Log forum

PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:40 pm
by divzero
Today I have created this new community for Geospike users to participate in the development of Geospike, and GPS Log.

I didn't want people to have to manage multiple logins, so your login details are used here too.

As a consequence however, I have had to disable all existing users on the old GPS Log site (the users have been renamed, adding 'User_' to their names). I have reactivated several accounts, linking them to their Geospike accounts, such as my own, and derringdo's.

If you have an existing username from the old GPS Log forum, please email, and give your *old* username/email address, and your account username, and we can link them for you. If you don't care about regaining ownership of your past posts – then no action is required :)

Sorry for this hassle, I hope you agree that having a single-signon is worthwhile.