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Some problems of a basic end user : me

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:59 pm
by User_hugobiwan
Hello from France.

I am a very simple objective : to walk in the town with the people living near me registering things to improve and generate a map for the city authorities.

So i bought the gps log on appstore and my needs are very simple :

- walk in the city, take pictures on the places
- upload the data
- import the data in gmap, upammer, click2map services
- add some comments on the points
- validate the map together

I made first tests this summer walking near the sea in a little range of about 150 m and i have some problems.

1) locations

my test points have the same location on gmap. Is the geolocalization simplified ? ... 97cd53b0c4

2) images

i can't see them both on the iphone generated map on gpslog server :

and after googlemap import of the data. Infact the source code of the markers indicate relatives url to the images, not absolute ones making me able to link to them from any GIS mashup service. This is the code in am speaking about :

<img src="/mapsatt?id=inline+document&amp;f=E7_1.jpg" width="170" height="170"><br>

My needs are very simpled and corresponding to the basic featuers of gpslog. Please help me to get efficient results.

Best regards.


Re: Photos and Emailing

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:24 am
by divzero

Quick reply as I am catching a flight soon. Photos definitely work with GPS Log, check out ... adTrip.kmz . But I'm not sure if Google supports importing photos. You'll have to check the Google Maps documentation on that - but rest assured, they are there in the KML delivered by GPS Log.

As for the points inaccuracy, this should not be the case! Are you making sure to give each log entry a good 30-seconds or so to get an accurate fix? Accurate fixes are ones which state "47m" on the accuracy reading (or better). Be aware if you turn off the iPhone, or a dialog pops up (e.g. Wifi ones), it may disable the location getting - just tap "Update from GPS" to resume.

Let me know if that helps.


Re: Some problems of a basic end user : me

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:32 am
by divzero
oh, it's also possible with a bit of PHP programming to create a custom export server for GPS Log. Then you can receive the data and do whatever you like with it (e.g. import to a database, etc). Some examples are provided, let me know if you are interested in this.

Re: Some problems of a basic end user : me

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:08 pm
by Daryl_B
Hi -

I'd also love to be able to use Geospike to record photos and notes when out and about for work and then be able to import the data into our GIS system (ArcMap) at work. Is there a way to do this, please? Sorry if I missed something, I did already have a quick search on the forum but couldn't see anything relevant.